Sunday, April 15, 2007

UN troops at risk?

Yesterday, Hezbollah announced that if the UN would accept the Hariri Tribunal by means of a Chapter 7 resolution and thus bypassing the Lebanese government, it would interpret this move as hostile. All previously made commitments of protecting the UN troops in the south of Lebanon would be cancelled in such an event. Furthermore, a Chapter 7 resolution would create a “new reality which would be chaotic”.

Obviously, Hezbollah is using the implicit threat of their weaponry to convince the UN not to get involved in their own Tribunal. Apparently, they felt such statement was necessary after Russia, a staunch supporter of Syria and thus Hezbollah, said that Hezbollah is being shortsighted with their opposition against the Tribunal. Also, UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon has publicly said that the UN considers the Tribunal of utmost importance.

It remains to be seen if Hezbollah really wants to take on the UN, but it would be unwise to bet against the possibility of an attack. Most likely, Hezbollah would never claim such an attack if it was to happen, but then again, they wouldn’t have to: everyone would know regardless.


fvdv said...

Hezbollah's warning against the UN.
This of course in the interest of ALL Lebaneze...