Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Going down in a blaze of glory…not

Imagine you are the president of a country and nobody likes you. Obviously, for most Lebanese, this is difficult to imagine since their president is doing a fine job. But for those readers: try to imagine nonetheless: imagine being a president who’s getting on in age and wanting to leave a positive legacy. What would you do to change your popularity? Would you grab a golden opportunity or would you remain inert and not do a thing?

Imagine what would have happened if you would have stood besides your own army and would have supported them fully. Imagine you would have spoken out against the terror that is hitting the camps in which the least protected live. Imagine you would have paid your condolences to the soldiers who died protecting the country you’re president of. Imagine you would have slammed your fists and said: “Enough is enough!”

Yeah, imagine that…

…then your people would have seen a president who would have changed his image 180 degrees. From being helpless and powerless, you would have turned yourself into a great leader, a person who rose to the occasion when his country needed him most. Sure, you might not have lived to see the day, but in all earnestly: so what? You’re already getting quite old, so death is no longer a far away stranger. Besides, it’s better to die as a martyr than as a coward.

Most likely, the people would have forgiven you for your past errors and apathy. They would have welcomed you back into their midst: the president would not only be the leader but also the true son of the country he lives in.

But well, all that remains of this dream is the sour disappointment when you open your eyes again. Not many leaders can actually change at high age. Perhaps Sharon was the only one in recent history when he withdrew from Gaza. That was a step which went against everything he has stood for in the past and yet he saw it was the right thing to do. Sad to see how pale our leaders stand in comparison.


Lalebanessa said...

Hi Riemer ,
The problem with this is that el-presidente may have a hand in the assasination (telephone calls were put through to him from suspects just before the Harriri explosion), he's in too deep with Syria anyway, and there's also a danger he may be "suicided" by the syrians if he disobeys orders.

As for Sharon's withdrawal from Gaza, as with any of Sharon's movements the prime objective is always his own personal and political gain, and that's all.

P.S.hope you've recoverd well from you operation.

Riemer Brouwer said...

@la lebanessa:

Thanks, I have recovered quite well, still a bit sore but all is healing fine.

I agree that if he bites the hand that feeds him, he might not live to see the day. Still, better to die a martyr than a coward...unless you are a coward of course:-)