Friday, August 24, 2007

Quote of the Week

Aoun, first requesting that the patriarch and the grand mufti speak out about the presidential election and then saying: "I am not going to listen to religious clergymen who daily interfere in politics and give their views."

Man, making fun of politicians is just too easy in Lebanon:-)


JoseyWales said...

Easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

BTW, the other funny thing is who the hell did Aoun ever listen to anyway?

Blacksmith Jade said...

Honestly, Aoun is the only one surprised by his weakness as a presidential candidate...

...everyone else knew how to read the game (and his worthless memorandum of understanding).

I'm only grateful this time he doesn't have the power to bring the whole country down with him (like the last time he was duped into acting like Syria's useful idiot in return for a unenforceable promise of the presidency).

But who knows, maybe he's got some surprises of his own for burning the country again.

Tony said...

I am baffled. On the one hand he complains about the clerics daily interference in politics and follows up with "their silence is dreadful" (Naharnet). What does he want - either publicly support me or shut the hell up!

I just don't get the guy. He could have played such a positive role in rebuilding the country upon his return.

Walid said...

So much for balance (on the comments page).

Anonymous said...

this one made me laugh.
he was used like a bloody toy...
there wont be a next time blacksmith jade