Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lebanese campaign to end sexism

Lebanon’s female population is under constant pressure to look the best possible, to get nose jobs, boob jobs and other jobs done if falling short of reaching the highest standards and to do all of this with a smile. But no more!

As the picture below shows, a campaign has been launched to emphasize that Lebanese women don’t have to be Pamela Anderson look-alikes and still can have self esteem: you can be flat and proud!

The campaign seems to be sponsored by a flat screen TV distributor, but don’t let that distract you from the message. In fact, it’s a smart move attracting funds like that, companies love to associate themselves with good causes. Just to help the campaign team along, here are some more suggestions:

Get plastic bag producer Sanita to sponsor a campaign called “Not too proud to puke!” for the unnatural thin women.

Get a burqa store to contribute to the campaign “Invisible yet present!”, for women who want to leave the beauty rat race altogether.

Ask Hummer to cosponsor a campaign “Big & Strong!”, addressing women suffering from overweight and/or big noses.

Finally, to also target the insecure male audience:

Ask Mini Cooper for a campaign “Small is the New Big!”


Lalebanessa said...

Sexism would truely end when they stop using scantily clad women(of any bra size) posing in ridiculous positions (have you seen those jeans ads?) to sell any sort of goods.

Riemer Brouwer said...

Yup, couldn't agree more. See here for a related posting regarding jeans ads and other sexist commercials in Lebanon.

Charles Malik said...

I thought the ad referred to the woman's impossibly flat stomach.

That woman's thinness and perfect abs are unachievable for the majority of people on the planet, even if she does not boast Pamela Anderson-like assets.

Anne said...

Riemer, it's a true disaster... however.....I, as a pretentious glam babe, I can only say..... always stay natural!!! hahahahaha!!!! Anne Steenkamp