Sunday, March 16, 2008

Road trip details

Thanks to the logic of America's layout of roads, it's quite easy to describe the roads taken. Below I have summed up my drive through the southern states by mentioning the road and direction.

Start in Jacksonville, Florida. From there:

Route 1, North
(Entering Georgia)
Route 23, North
Route 135 North
Route 221, North
Interstate 16, West, turning into Interstate 75, West
Interstate 20, West, all the way to Dallas, Texas, passing through Birmingham, Alabama and Jackson, Missisippi and Shreveport, Louisiana.

Upon reaching Dallas, Texas, I took Interstate 35, South to Austin, Texas.
At Austin, I took Highway 290 East to Houston, Texas.
From there, it was Interstate 10 all the way east back to Jacksonville, Florida, driving via New Orleans, Louisiana and Mobile, Alabama and Tallahassee, Florida.

To sum it up:
Jacksonville, Fl., 1N - 23N - 135N - 221N - 16W - 75W - 20W - 35S - 290E - 10E - Jacksonville, Fl.

The occasional detour I took is not included in the above list. Like trying to find David Koresh' farm in Waco, Texas...couldn't locate it alas.

Total miles: 2748
Total time: 4 days of driving and 1 day of shopping anywhere I saw a Ross or Target :-)


Rami Fayoumi said...

wow! that's more than 4000Km!
A good thing to do would be to draw your path on Google earth, it's possible I think.

Anonymous said...

you mean you don't miss the "take the road opposite the cofee shop then take a left at the old pine tree with one boken limb and then drive on till the army road block after which you go the wrong way down the one way street till you get to the butcher's, and then take a right, and that's where you'll find whatever you're looking for? Oh you're no fun at all!