Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So who's blocking who?

Finally and after much delay, the Opposition has given its names and posts it wants in the new government and still there is no cabinet. Why? Because now it's March 14's turn to bicker about the distribution of their seats. What on earth have they been doing the last five weeks?

For once, Aoun is making sense when he says that they don't have the right to delay for even five minutes the line up of the new government.


Blacksmith Nick said...

First, how could they allocate portofolios among themselves when they didn't even know which ones they would get till a few days ago?
Second, I don't think Aoun has the right to accuse anybody of purposely delaying a government when he blocked the election of a president for 8 months and the formation of a cabinet, with opposition veto power mind you, for 6 weeks.

theFool said...

As bloggers, it is our responsibility to remind our readers on the problems and bickerings our politicians make the lebanese people go through, and the delays in the past 2 years when the 2009 Elections come around in summer of 2009. We need new faces without historic blood on their hands.