Monday, June 9, 2008

La guerre des autres; or...THE MEDIA DID IT!!!!!

Nothing in Lebanon is ever the fault of those actually responsible. Accountability has been trdade down a long time ago for accusability in this country: don't worry about who did what, rather focus on who to blame the easiest.

As a mere theoretical example and for illustration purposes only, let's assume we have a political party laying siege to half the capital through military means, would we blame this party for using arms against fellow Lebanese?

Hah, that one's easy: of course not! How about spreading the blame: all politicians are to blame leaving no one in particular to pinpoint the blame upon, you say? Good thinking, you're getting the hang of it. But, but, but, we'd rather see someone or something actually receiving the blame, we don't want any loose ends.

So how about the press?! Let's blame them for the violence, the hatred and the destruction Lebanon suffers from. The press is weak, always divided and, most importantly, they can't fight back because they depend on us, the readers for their existence. This means they care for us, unlike politicians who do fine without us. In fact, they'd prefer to have as little as possible to do with the ones voting them in office.

Good, so the press it is. Now that we have established our victim, let's see what we should accuse them of. Not that it really matters all that much because usually the accusation alone suffices for most Lebanese, but let's wrap things up nicely. No loose ends, remember?

This one is a bit tricky. Sure we can accuse them of being biased, but whoever said the press needs to be neutral, right? So let's first come out and claim just that: the media are supposed to be neutral. If we say this loud enough and repeat it frequently enough, people will accept this preposition without a problem. After that, we'll be able to blame them for being biased.

"Too obvious, Riemer. No one's gonna buy that!", you say? Well, think again. And sure to ignore the quote of professor Nabil Dajani who had the nerve to say that "The Lebanese media is only reinforcing existing attitudes and accentuating them, but not forcing them". Tsk, too much common sense is not a good thing, especially when it would lead to the clearly unwanted conclusion that perhaps the Lebanese get the press they deserve...oops!


Anonymous said...

But there is no Lebanese media in the traditional sense, instead there are Lebanese 'mouth pieces'.

frenchy said...

funny thing ... once i was taking with a friend working as a journalist in a major newspaper.

he was just telling me the contrary of what he used to write. I asked him why.

He just told me that anyway, to survive all medias need to have a political umbrella.

The first thing to make the medias independant and by consequence neutral is to release them from this need.

Anonymous said...

Where is the media in Lebanon? It has been divided as shares in a company among political factions. So every media outlet here is solely tasked with propagating the messages of the political party behind it.

leba-non-sect said...

يا زمان الطائفية
طائفية و طائفيك
خلي ايدك عل هوية
وشد عليها اد ما فيك
شوف الطائفية اللبنانية ما احلها
بتطلع من هون وهونيك
بتطلع من 14 ومن 8
ومن كل الشراميط والمنايك