Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Syria ready to finish off Hezbollah?

Rumors about Syria wanting to get rid of Hezbollah have been spreading increasingly since the killing of Hezbollah strategic mastermind Mughnieh in Damascus. Now, good ol' shaky Abssi (back from the dead) has vowed revenge against those who started the sectarian war that has lead to the takeover of West-Beirut, saying that suicide bombers would not spare God's enemies wherever they are.

Assuming Syria's sponsoring Fatah al-Islam, it seems natural to conclude that Assad has had it with Hezbollah. They must be wanting that peace with Israel pretty badly.

Addendum: a friend wanted to add another argument in favor of the idea that Syria is trying to ditch Hezbollah, namely the "new documents" that president Suleiman apparently has received that would provide additional support for the claim that the Shebaa Farms belong to Lebanon. A plausible theory would be that these documents came from Assad. Is this Syria's way to make Hezbollah even more irrelevant?

Addendum II: someone pointed out another event that supports the theory that Syria has had enough of Hezbollah, namely the cancelling of the national strike by the Labor Union on May 7. Interesting enough, I had written about this angle, but subsequently forgotten about it.


Anonymous said...

...bit of a stretch BUT as this is Lebanon anything and everything is possible.


Samer said...

Syria has a lot to offer or to put on the table of negotations. Hamas, Golan, relations with Iran and the influance they have on Lebanon. Hezbollah is the strongest card in their hand, they can't "finish them off" to please Israel, the price of a Peace agreement is not that high. Also note the relation between Iran and Hezbollah and the huge lose for Syria if they put their relation with their ally in risk.

Anonymous said...

You're really deluded.

What is the point of writing if all you write is utter nonsense which will never happen?

leba-non-sect said...

يا زمان الطائفية
طائفية و طائفيك
خلي ايدك عل هوية
وشد عليها اد ما فيك
شوف الطائفية اللبنانية ما احلها
بتطلع من هون وهونيك
بتطلع من 14 ومن 8
ومن كل الشراميط والمنايك