Monday, July 7, 2008

Composition of new cabinet according to Nahar

If we are to believe Nahar, the new cabinet is pretty much a done deal now that the Opposition has formally stated the seats it requests. Unless I (and Nahar) am missing something, it would be a no-brainer for Siniora to accept their suggestions. The Opposition does not want any of the core ministries, such as Justice, Foreign Affairs, Finance, or Economics. How come?

Take a look at Aoun's shopping list, e.g. His bloc wants to have the following 5 posts:

  • Telecommunications (Gebran Bassil);
  • Social Affairs (Mario Aoun);
  • Agriculture (Elias Skaff);
  • Energy (Alan Tabourian);
  • Deputy Premier (Issam Abou Jabra).

Well, Siniora, by all means, give it to him...and quickly before he changes his mind and realizes that these posts aren't really that important. Being responsible for Energy won't get you any votes since most people complain, rightfully so, about the lack of electricity for often 12+ hours a day. And the post of deputy premier doesn't come with much power either.

Hezbollah is even less demanding and is willing to settle for only two posts, namely that of Labor and that of Youth & Sports. Ayup, that's the right set of posts to promote one's platform! And what a 'reward' for May's actions.

Berri is equally modest when requesting the usual Health ministry and Interior. No more talks of Foreign Affairs for his brother Mahmoud. Was he used as a threat to get the Interior ministry? Not likely, Berri would have gotten Interior without much problems anyway.

If Nahar is correct, it would imply the Opposition has pretty much given up on this cabinet. Why is that? Do they know it's not going to last long? Don't they want to take on responsibility to create some form of deniability during next year's elections? If so, then why take the Energy position?

It doesn't make sense: after all the delays and objections to settle for something so little as this. Only future will tell what the real reason is behind this unexpected and sudden submissive behavior.


saving grace said...

the ministry of interior is the key! 8March noticed that there is no need for core ministries in a short term cabinet as long as you have the ministry of interior where you can play around with voting results (once people will cast their votes) and change the rules of the game for the four year to come. I can't see how 14March did not notice this or maybe siniora is wary and disgusted. this country will never ceize to be a shit hole :(

Anonymous said...

All this chatter and talk about the problem with opposition was only a screen smoke. It is an internal fight within 14th march that is delaying the process. There will be elections, and mo ministry of interior or any other can manipulate the votes.

Time to clean house for march 14 for the process to move forward.