Friday, May 11, 2007

New concept: how about doing your job?

Today, the Daily Star quoted Shiite leaders as saying they insist on the 2/3 quorum for the presidential elections on September 25. In case the quorum is not reached, they will consider any decision to be illegal. In other words: if the Opposition doesn’t like their chances of pushing their candidate through, they will simply stay away

Let any employee try this at work: if you don’t like it, just stay home! Let’s see how long you would last. Assuming that the politicians are “employed” by the people, how about simply kicking out any politician who’s refusing to do his job?

Come to think of it, Lebanese residing in Lebanon are officially required by law to cast their vote during elections. How about a similar requirement for MPs to oblige them to vote during parliamentary sessions? The law is difficult to uphold for millions of voters, but surely it would be possible to monitor 128 MPs.


another_someone said...


This country is nuts!!