Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Search for Opposition blogs

Does anyone know about Opposition blogs in English? I've searched around but it's pretty much impossible to find pro-Hezbollah or pro-Aoun blogs in English. Why is that?


George said...

Anyone who's smart enough to read and write English, would be smart enough not to support the general!!!

hilal said...

george, be serious.

Riemer Brouwer,
there are several blogs that I went through. however, they are not pro-opposition as much they are anti-14 march:

1. angry anarhist:

2. by the same writer (angry anarhist), collection of some articles:

3. Marxist from lebanon (do NOT take sides with either campaigns):

4. German from beirut:

5.a syrian girl living in beirut:

6. jamal's famous blog:

7. Bech's Remarkz:

8. Salam cinema by jij, more about cinema but he writes sometimes in politics:

Political posts:

hope I help and this will balance the image a bit for u.

Riemer Brouwer said...

Well, i'm not a big fan of Aoun (or any of the former warlords btw), but you have to distinct between political leaders and their followers. Don't mistake them and their IQs for each other.

Thanks for the links, i will check them out

Bashir said...

Here are some more, although most (if not all) of them as well as those of Hilal, can not be accurately descrived as pro Hezb or pro Aoun, but they are definitely in the opposition.


Dr Marcy Newman's:

Dr Rami Zurayk

Dr As'ad Abu Khalil's (Angry Arab)

Dr Victorino de la Vega

Ok, that's enough for now :-)
(too many Dr not intentional, just a coincidence)

hani said...

oldboy (pro hezb, video producer/editor graduate of Uni of Alabama)

Riemer Brouwer said...

@Bashir & Hani

Thanks for the links!

Leafless Eve said...

LOL george, that's exactly what i thought