Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A new stand up comedian is born: Michel Aoun

Who can read today’s article on Naharnet without bursting into laughter? Aoun is quoted as saying that in a democracy, you have a majority and a minority, so any call for unanimity is undemocratic

So that’s why the opposition (Aoun + Hezbollah) want their veto right. That’s why they don’t respect the fact they lost the last elections and are thus the minority at the moment. That’s why they are constantly calling for a unanimity government.

Err, wait a minute, that’s not "why" at all. Oh man, it must be difficult for the real stand up comedians in Lebanon: how can you make a joke of someone who’s already making a fool of himself?


MacDara said...

Unfortunately the joke is lost on most opposition supporters.

It is nearly as good as the day he dressed up as an orange.

JoseyWales said...

Same thought went through my mind, reading Aoun's majority/minority nonsense.

Anonymous said...

The famous joke you forgot is that you were able to obtain the majority in the elections when you were supported by Huzballah.. At that time (& after 8 march) it was a moukawameh!!!
The second joke, a majority who is not able to rule the country is a minority in itself.