Thursday, July 12, 2007

New shiite party: Lebanese Option

The Daily Star reports today that a new Shiite party has been launched, the Lebanese Option Gathering, or LOG for short. Purpose of the party is to offer an alternative for those who don't like Hezbollah or Amal.

The founder is Ahmad al-Assad, the son of the famous Shiite politician Kamel al-Assad, who was Parliament speaker four times and got sacked after the May 17 peace treaty with Israel. The son of a politician who enters politics himself...even with a supposedly fresh wind, politics remains a family affair in Lebanon, some things never change.

But irony aside, let's see if the party gets any votes. There must be room for a third Shiite party, especially since the two existing ones hardly differ from each other. LOG is pro March 14 although they also criticize their track record regarding security issues.

Other than that, their program consists of the usual clich├ęs. Their website is...well...err, strange, to say the least with the latest news covering life on mars and the Thai premier. The name of the party is also a bit unclear: the Daily Star informs us that it is the Lebanese Option Group, while the party's website mention only 'Lebanese Option' as the party name in English. Must be some translation gone wrong?

Also, the fact that membership is limited to Shiites only, is an ominous sign not to expect to much change when it comes to shaking up the sectarian based political system. But, let's give them the benefit of the doubt for now. Which is easy for me to do, but what really counts is how many Shiites will do the same.


Mustapha said...

their website is Hilarious! thanks for pointing it out..

(PS: I added your Michael Young's columns blog in my feeds if you don't mind)

Anonymous said...

His grandfather, one of the usual clan leaders in the South is famous for refusing to increase the number of schools in the South of Lebanon when he was in charge: when asked why, he replied "why do you need schools, I'm educating my son for you."

Riemer Brouwer said...


Sure i don't mind, i always read your blog with much pleasure, so the honor is all mine

Anonymous said...

oh u r talking about education ...its ok that was his father s fault and not mr ahmad al asaad fault.. but i wanna just ask mr ?wat is ur programe of education now in lebanon ?is it a programe of being always on the line of fire and getting killed but the israelian army?or a philosophy of death that hezbullah teach it and do it ...?or the philosophy of making people starving from jobless and kneeing under iranian funds and making it the god? or playing with people bloods..and making them toys for the iranians and syrians aims? ...o my god we cant count how many lethal mistakes r ur groups(represented by hezbullah and amal parties)did and still do.and i forget mentioning that these parties made more than 2000 members of them got killed by the southern war ,between amal and hezbullah.and forget killing another people in west of bierut and lebanese mountain.i forget ..kidnaping in lebanon by the name or god justice,and setting free iranian money from the western banks..and stealing with thier partners 14 march and the syrian regime the public money of lebanese republic..its too many to let the door close.and watch ur mouth smart///and iam shiite too.