Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Coup d'Etat after July 15?

According to this, this and this article, Syria has advised all its citizens to leave Lebanon before July 15. The articles and its reader's comments mention that Syria is planning to close the borders mid July, possibly in response to a UN meeting regarding installing experts to monitor the Syria-Lebanon border.

Now, if it's only the closing of the borders...but what if they want their citizens out of harm's way? And what harm would that be? In any case, July 15 and on would be a good day for increased vigilance, whatever that may be.

Just to give an idea about what might happen on or around July 15, the Memri article writes that president Lahoud apparently has given instructions to the Opposition to start a second government and to take over the ministries if nothing has changed after July 15. This was reported almost a month ago on June 18 in the Al Akhbar newspaper. Strange that I don't remember reading about this in other blogs.

The March 14 newspaper Al Mustaqbal is expecting that the south of Lebanon will follow the second government, while the Al Akhbar newspaper also expects that the north and large parts of Mount Lebanon will break with Siniora's rule.

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