Tuesday, January 22, 2008

For sale: Hawa Lebnan!

In a remarkable article, the L'Orient-Le Jour reported on Monday the story about a new company that sells bottled air of Lebanon, so Lebanese expats can inhale their beloved country air every once in a while. Before anyone starts hurling accusations about fraud and scam, it's good to know that the revenues will go to planting trees in the Chouf area.

Photo 1: Hawa Lebnan sells at 3.5 USD, so better make every sniff count!

See below for a news item on MBC about Hawa Lebnan:


Gerard said...

Every time a motor cycle passes with bad combustion, I smell the smell of Beirut. Not so healthy but instant memories...

Riemer Brouwer said...

Heh, but somehow I doubt they will sell the authentic Beirut diesel smell of a truck that should have been decommissioned long time ago:-)

Rami Fayoumi said...

I wonder who's gonna buy these stuff!
Do they have any expiration date by the way?? :P

Rolla said...

Lebanese people living abroad, missing their country, and longing to go back home sweet home.. these are the ones who already bought 'these stuff' and who have them on their desks and in their houses..

y does it always have to b abt pollution when talking abt Lebanon air?! ok, it is not the cleanest.. but it is our country's..

Karım said...

Hello All
well ıts not about pollutıon and ıts not about smellıng the can,ı mean we all know that we wıll not open the can to smell nothıng, ıt ıs aır ınsıde and aır ıs odorless mazbout ? ;). So ıf you get my drıft and gıve ıt a bıt of thought´thıs ıs just a souvenır. thınk about ıt thıs way.. you are lıvıng ın brazil and missing lebneın a lot and someone gets u hawa lebnan can´wouldnt be a nıce souvenır to put ıt on your shelf? or ıf you have a frıend´m sure they would be happy with the original idea non? well thats ıt´it is for people who just want to plant trees and lıke the orıgınal ıdea.. so lets not crıtıcıze but encourage.. as we say,enough negatıvıty and naggıng, lets just be posıtıve, try and get thıs can, and plant some trees.. take care and God bless Lebanon and ıts dıesel smell, hehe. by the way the cans were fılled at a factory ın the mountaıns so no dıesel smell but close to the smell of aır when you are at the top of mzaar skııng slope and when the aır ıs pure ;)