Monday, January 14, 2008

Single digits in Hamra

Despite having the weather forecast predicating single digits temperatures in Beirut, last night was the first time that we could see it on our own thermometer: 9.1 C. Not a big deal, you say? Up there in Canada/or wherever you emigrated to it's much colder, you say? Well, I'm sure that's right but for the Lebanese in Lebanon, it is something very special.

The news yesterday mentioned it is the coldest weather since ever, or at least since a long time according to an old guy in the Bekaa who couldn't remember the weather ever being so cold. Lots of problems as well for farmers whose crops were ruined because of the frost, so expect even higher prices in the supermarkets.

Photo 1: We're not taking any chances with Janine!


Gerard said...

Exactly ten years ago, when my Lebanese wife and I got engaged, there was a hailstorm with stones as big as marbles (I have proof on video). After that there was a big drop in temperature that even made me, Dutchman, shiver. My mind was busy with other things than measuring temperatures in Beirut, but single digits were close then.

Jeha said...

It can be worse than Alaska. The humidity in Beirut makes the cold really, really sneaky. Add to that the fact that many constructions are essentially porous to cold...

Brrrrr. May I suggest the "soubia", with " de' " (olive residue turned into charcoal); it generates a heat that gently dissipates around... But watch out for the carbon monoxide.