Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Meet sexy girls

Some of you have been asking me why I now have links on my blog to other websites that have not really anything to do with Lebanon, like "meet sexy Lebanese girls". The reason behind this is that I have activated advertisements on my blog, which is all handled by Google.

As such, I don't have much influence over the advertisements itself, other than it shouldn't be pornographic and it shouldn't be unsuitable for minors. For the rest, it's up to Google to provide relevant advertisement, enough so for visitors to click on them. Every time they do that, Google will pay out a little money and charges the advertisers.

To Google's credit, it was amazing to see how quickly it fine tuned the advertising on this blog. Within a few days, most the ads were relevant to this blog. This is even more impressive when you realize that this is most likely true for all blogs that run Google ads and you can imagine the level of specification. In that sense, Google has turned the advertisement business upside down: think local, act global. It goes once again to show that Google is God.

On a related note, in order to attract as many viewers as possible, Google also provides bloggers with a useful tool, namely with a list of the most popular articles on your blog. Here is the Top 10 of this blog for the last month:

1. Most Sexy Arab Clip Ever
2. Lebanon Update mentioned on LA Times
3. Solution reached in Lebanon
4. Raid on Crystal: Old wine in new bags
5. Flags, flags, flags
6. New phenomenon in Lebanon: youth gangs
7. Rockets fired from Lebanon on Israel
8. Oh my: 50,000,000 USD spent on NYE
9. Who needs Israel when you have Hezbollah
10. Lebanese Carlos Slim richest man on earth

The overall most-read posting since the start of this blog was the Most Sexy Arab Clip Ever, closely followed by The Perfect Bride and Lebanese Carlos Slim richest man on earth.

So where does that leave me? Here I am, blogging away on serious topics like Lebanese politics when all you want is sexy clips, romance and money! I can only hope that most of the visitors to these articles were drawn by search engines and accidentally stumbled upon my website. Still, it shows that the old adagium of sex sells, is very well alive in cyberspace.


christinA eijkhout said...

Once in-a-whil I visit your blog.
I am so happy to use seamonkey for browser.
I even did not know the ads were there.

Lina said...

Nice blog !