Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Al-Abssi lives to die another day

Of course, I don't want to be telling you 'I told you so!", so I won't. Suffice to say I'm not surprised Al-Abssi is still alive. What's almost hilarious is to hear the State Prosecutor seemingly believing a captured Fatah al-Islam soldier that Al-Abssi has left the camp just a day before the fall.

But of course, we should all believe this Yemeni prisoner: Al-Abssi is a hero and would never flee like a coward weeks before the final showdown. No, no, good ol' Shaky hangs on to the end...and then some!

Just like we had to believe his wife identifying him. Amazingly enough, Brigitte and I were watching the news and her first reaction was that the wife was lying to protect her husband. Sure enough, it happened to be true.

Now, let's arrest Abssi's wife for hindering justice, giving false testimony and whatever else lawyers can come up with...oh wait, she's a wife and thus considered to be innocent by Lebanese prosecution. Just like all the other terrorists' wives, she has not been arrested, was hardly questioned and is now enjoying her presumption of innocence...


Amer said...

It makes me sick to see how the army has let him escape, wonder what's in it for Michel Suleiman. Maybe his divine victory was all part of a deal: let Abssi escape in return for the camp!!

Gerard said...

Now let all the good conspiracy theories return... Also that is a good Lebanese habit.

Riemer Brouwer said...

To equate the victory of the army over a group of terrorists with the outcome of the July War, goes a bit far, don't you think?
Nice use of formatting btw, didn't know you can change the layout in the comments

Heh, in most cases, the conspiracy theories are much better than the original story, so I'm already looking forward to it