Friday, September 7, 2007

Richard Gere's hunting party exposed

Check out the blog of Harald: he was one of the writers of the original script of Richard Gere's latest movie, The Hunting Party.

From a review:

“In war what you see, and what really happened, are sometimes two very different things.” TV News reporter Simon Hunt (Richard Gere) and cameraman Duck (Terrence Howard have worked in the world's hottest war zones: from Bosnia to Iraq, from Somalia to El Salvador. Together they have dodged bullets, filed incisive reports and collected Emmy awards. Then one terrible day in a Bosnian village everything changes. During a live broadcast on national television, Simon has a meltdown.

After that, Duck is promoted and Simon just disappears. Five years later Duck returns to Sarajevo with rookie reporter Benjamin (Jessie Eisenberg) to cover the fifth anniversary of the end of the war. Simon shows up, a ghost from the past, with the promise of a world exclusive. He convinces Duck that he knows the whereabouts of Bosnia’s most wanted war criminal “The Fox.” Armed with only spurious information Simon, Duck and Benjamin embark on a dark and dangerous mission that takes them deep into hostile territory. It’s the scoop of a lifetime but will they live to report it?"

Totally amazing, sure hope they will release the movie in Lebanon.


Somedude said...

Slow news day? :D