Friday, September 7, 2007

Most sexy Arab clip ever

Just when you think nothing ever happens in Lebanon except boring meetings between political leaders, there’s the new clip of Arab sex symbol Haifa! Anyone thinking that all Shiite Muslims are ultra conservative should check it out. Granted, it’s pretty tame compared to western video clips, but to Arab standards, Haifa’s latest clip is almost pornographic.

There’s this double standard in the Arab world whereby Arab women should all be more virgin than Mary while non-Arab women are sluts and worse. Ask any foreign woman and she’ll readily confirm this: many Arab men behave like sexual predators when spotting a foreign woman and treat her like they would never treat ‘one of their own’.

Hence the shock of Haifa’s latest video clip and the associations with porn. The clip is actually quite innocent, especially when judged against the average rap clip on MTV where you get bombarded with as many half naked ho’s they can cram into a 4 minute video. But different standards apply for Arab girls and accusations came quickly. If you can read Arabic, check out the website or here for a heated English discussion.

What’s telling in this respect is the enormous interest for Arab women who behave daringly. Even though Arab men can watch porn 24x7 via the satellite, they still get aroused when watching Haifa strutting around in a skimpy bikini. No need for Viagra in this part of the world, just show them Haifa’s clip. Somehow, that’s pretty sad, actually. See also an interesting article about using porn to achieve regional peace

Anyway, check out the video clip for yourself:


Gerard said...

I am afraid, that here in Holland I am so much spoiled, that I may have watched the video on Rotana or some other music channel without noticing that there was something special about it. I do not even remember...