Thursday, February 21, 2008

10-10-10..... + 1?

With the arrival of Amr Moussa to Lebanon, the discussion about how to divide the minister seats has been rekindled. First, we had March 14 agreeing to a 10-10-10 division. In effect, this would be giving the sacred veto right to the Opposition. Now, in an amazing twist of logic, Hariri stated that he was only testing the waters.

Getting over these petty issues, why is no one realizing that a division of ministers in three groups of 10 each, is actually not giving any party a blocking vote?

According to Article 64 of the Lebanese Constitution, the Prime Minister can vote as well, being the head of the Council of Ministers. The text is a bit fuzzy, though and does not specifically state whether the Prime Minster votes or not.

Anyway, if my interpretation is correct, it means that each block would have 10 votes out of 30+1 (the Prime Minister's vote) in total, so no one gets the one-third veto right. Problem solved.


Anonymous said...

but if the prime minister resigned the whole ministeral is dissolved.

also another thing, you have your facts wrong as Hariri asked the question and Aoun answered with different demands, so Hariri never said they would accept but showing or testing a ground where a foundation could be formed but it was immediately shattered by Aoun.

Now the opposition is surfacing it again as they need it now to show face as this would be the best solution for them at the moment, but however this is old news for march 14 now as of FEB 14 everything changed and will no longer accept no demands from the opposition as the opposition can start smelling there own arses.

Justa-Human said...

You have an unusual viewpoint of events. The sources you quote to substantiate your words do not do so.

Moussa clearly said the 10-10-10 was a Berri proposal. You said Hariri "accepts" and use an article that says no such thing. He said "The condition was rejected by Majority representatives and Hariri asked Moussa to note in the minutes of the talks that the March 14 majority approves the Arab League Chief's original proposal of forming a cabinet along the lines of 10 seats for the opposition, 13 for the majority and seven for the president. " and later said that the words he used in this meeting were - "Hariri had said that he did not propose the tripartite power sharing formula, but rather asked Aoun what would his stand be if such a proposal was made." What part of "would" and "if" do you not understand?

It looks like Hariri laid a trap for poor Aoun - Aoun had to leave the room to get further instructions by telephone- proving beyond all doubt that he is not the "negotiator" at all.

Anonymous said...

I once again repeat that March 14 did not, ever, agree to 10-10-10. Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...