Thursday, February 14, 2008

More pics of the Hariri demo

Just shot these pictures from demonstrators walking past my office. You have people who go to where the action is; me, I don't have to, it comes to me:-)

Photo 1: This is the first large group passing by on Bliss Street, Hamra at around 9:30AM. That's still quite a walk to Freedom Square (previously: Martyr Square)

Photo 2: Expect to see a lot of these banners today

Photo 3: And expect even more umbrellas!

Photo 4: Now that's a huge flag!


Super Dude said...

"...walking past my office."

Oh hey, you have an office!

And here I thought blogging Lebanon was your full time job! :D

Riemer Brouwer said...

@Super dude,
heh, heh. Many people have asked me how much time I spend blogging. Obviously, it depends, but it's hardly more than 20 minutes per posting, often much less. I guess I write easily.