Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Aoun defending Christians...

I don't want readers of this blog to think I am biased against Michel Aoun, it's just that his statements are great fodder for bloggers. Frequent visitors will remember quotes from Jumblatt, another politician who's always good for a remarkable quote or two.

Case at hand is Michel Aoun's speech he gave yesterday, during which he renewed his attacks against the patriarch by accusing him of "conspiring against the Christians and seeking to marginalize them." Aoun bases this on the fact that the patriarch gives the highest priority to electing a Christian president.

Alrightie...the top Christian Maronite leader arguing for electing a Christian president surely must be working against the interests of the Christians!

Grace a Dieu
we have Aoun to defend the Christian interests by wanting to visit Syria and being happy with having Hezbollah being active in Christian areas. And the strangest thing, no doubt Aoun's preference of Assad over Sfeir makes perfect sense to his followers.


Anonymous said...

haha! good one.

Jean Hayat said...

have you any idea what is going on in Lebanon?
You sound like a typical victim of the Pro-Harriri media.

Eiffel said...

Mr. Hayat,

Stop labeling people.
Read instead