Friday, May 23, 2008

Divine Discount, a party and a Bikini Bootcamp

A clothes store on Rue Hamra that was demolished during the Hezbollah attack of Beirut last week, offers a divine discount:

Photo 1: "Due to the burning of the store...everything for 12000 LL" (8 USD)

But, Lebanon wouldn't be Lebanon if most people have already gotten over it. In other words: time for a "Beirut Back to Life" party, today between 6-9 at Hamra Terrace:

Photo 2: "Back to life...back to reality"...or at least the version most Lebanese prefer

And you know for sure things are back to normal if you find a flyer for a Bikini Boot Camp at your car:

Photo 3: Flyers are also back to normal


Nora said...

any excuse to party...

Anonymous said...

lets party in our bikinis Nora !!