Monday, May 5, 2008

More sexy lingerie from Lebanon

Thanks to the +961 blog, here are some pictures from the most famous lingerie show in Lebanon: the one high up in the snow, at the Intercon hotel Mzaar in Farayah. To make this copy-cat article less obvious (psst, don't tell anyone!!), I selected some other photo's. Do check out +961, though, his pics are truly hilarious.

BTW, it's pretty common these days in Holland to refer to places with their area code, like instead of writing Amsterdam, people simply write 020. It saves space and time while SMSing. Good to see it has also caught on in Lebanon.

Photo 1: A typical Lebanese beauty shows the latest collection...oh wait...perhaps she's not Lebanese. Actually, most if not all models who show a little flesh are not Lebanese. Prudishness is quite close to hypocrisy here: we don't want our own daughters to be seen like that, but boy, do we like to watch those sexy foreign chicks or what!

Photo 2: Yep, those stockings should help her keep warm. But really, I pity those girls who are walking around in sub-zero temperatures...brrr!

Photo 3: And here we are thinking it is about the latest has to do with some whiskey brand. Bad idea btw, drinking alcohol while in the cold...


Rami said...

Oh well I'm not gonna tell anyone :D
I loved your comments on the photos ;)
And thanks for linking back to me btw! :)