Thursday, May 8, 2008

Honest panic shopping

Brigitte and I were shopping and during the long wait for the checkout in yet another supermarket, she decided to get a cold drink from the fridge area and some nuts since she was hungry. Shopping from 10 to 2 does that to you.

To my surprise, after she finished the drink, she put the empty can in the shopping cart in order to pay for it. And she was not alone, other people did the same. Compare that to Holland! Quite a few times, I’ve seen customers eating and drinking items and simply throwing the wrappers away…something that the honest Lebanese no doubt feel is totally unmannered. And they would be right.

Strangest thing, though, to panic shop and do so honestly. Question for the reader: how come a country filled with honest people who are careful to pay for all they buy, is having such problems collecting the electricity bills, let alone be on the brink of another civil war? Really, honest people shouldn’t have to panic shop, they really shouldn’t have.